A soul that loves
entrepreneurship, technology and marketing.
Currently inmerse into Project Management.


I would define myself as a self-starter and entrepreneurial professional with a strong marketing background. Team player, passionate and results-oriented, with experience in product management and assessing customer requirements to generate a product that meets their standards.

Product manager is the role where my personal skills meet my professional interests, and that is what has really motivated me to face every project with passion and continuously train myself to become a better professional.


Next can be found some of the projects where I have been involved, for different clients and brands.

Under construction still

Smash PRO
Automation tool

Project 01

Trigger The Monster
video game studio

Project 02

Inbound marketing

Project 03

Social Media Management

Project 04

Branded Content

Project 05


Project 06


Part of a team that has developed a cloud based management system for padel clubs, helping to define, design, develop and try the SaaS platform.

Developed the role of product manager for applying tools as the business model canvas, empathy map, or road map among others.

Worked with teams using agile methodologies.

I have been working with a video game development studio to create SOL, helping with the market research and product definition from the idea, and create the communications materials for the Kickstarter campaign and social media channels.

Started my own entrepreneurial project based on marketing for video games from the idea to the MVP. It was not viable, but taught me a lot about the world of entrepreneurship.

Developed a marketing proposal for an online store of padel materials based on Gran Canaria.

Managed the lead acquisition campaigns developed for investors in the Canary Islands, that included web and social media content creation to implement a campaign of lead nurturing.

Social media manager for love brands, creating social content and dealing with the comments and messages of the users.

Worked for about 2 years with an e-commerce of tourism activities where I developed different skills specially related to UX, SEO and web positioning. Also content and the improvement of the project to adapt it to the necessities of the clients.

Created several blogs and knowledge on WordPress and other blogging platforms.

Natalia Betancor

(+34) 665 789 522


Canary Islands, Spain